IMG_20140722_133346 1. Khaya Centre, Lehae, Johannesburg, 2014

In 2014, Project Pi took 10 Raspberry Pi workstations to the Khaya Centre. Find out more here.



kasupe 2. Kasupe, Malawi, 2015

August 2015, Project Pi is going to work with Kasupe, in Malawi, to explore the use of Raspberry Pi at a new and exciting community centre that will have just been built. More on this coming soon.

Tim Greenwood

Tim currently works for Living Systems. His background is in psychology, and he has been working as a psychologist within education and the community for the last ten years. He recently gained a Masters of Arts in Management, Learning, and Leadership from Lancaster Business school focusing on the use of Action Research to promote curious and evolving ways of working with individuals, groups and organisations.

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